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All Testimonials are from real clients.

I started to lose hair, my doctor recommended daily medication. I didn’t see any results after 6 months and I was worried about the side effects so I stopped the meds. After a friend’s recommendation, I went to Wufaxuan to try it! After 8 months of treatment, I recovered completely. They also gave me advice on daily hair care, and now is no problem!

Mr. Hong

Male, 40+ year old

I went for treatment in a well-known hair growth center about 6 years ago, but he still had a lot of oil. I also had a large area on the back of my head where hair wasn’t growing. A friend introduced me to NCS Hair and after several treatments, my hair started to grow again and hair oil issue had been balanced, and after more than 10 sessions, the hair was thicker than before!

Mr Wong

Male, 30+ years old

I used to dye my hair each month to cover the white hair and my hair started to look yellow with no elasticity, apparently, this is menopause. After doing this anti-hair loss and white hair treatment, I no longer need to dye my hair anymore. Each hair thread becomes soft and smooth, and it is easier to take care of. I am very satisfied!

Ms Chan

Female, 50+ years old

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