Plant Essence Shampoo



  • To promote cortical microvascular circulation, Disinfectants and prevents hair itches; promotes circulation in the scalp to bring back healthy and beautiful hair
  • Prevent hair follicles from bacterial infection and improve the risk of hair loss problems
  • Anti-inflammatory, ability to break down head sores and balance oil secretion; ability to provide the necessary nutrients to make healthy hair growth in the scalp
  • Seven main effects: slow down and reverse hair loss, oil balancing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, reduction of dandruff, prevention of head sores, elimnation of head odor


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  • Formula developed by Chinese medicine experts
  • Can be used daily; no additional hair conditioning required
  • 2x more in volume than similar products in the market
  • Last 9-12 months for people with short hair
  • Last over 4-5 months for people with long hair


polygonum, multiflorum thunb, baixianpi, cloves, she chuang zi, herba ecliptae and natural plants extracts formula.

Free from Sulphates, Parabens, PEG’s, Petrochemicals, Artificial perfume, Animal Testing.

Volume Per Bottle : 250 ml

Made in Australia

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