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Our Recipe

Since my early twenties, I have been dealing with Anemia and gray hair problem. I experimented with hair dying but could not cope with the dryness and loss of hair due to the chemical use.

Luckily, family relatives are familiar with a formula to deal with this issue that does not use chemicals, but instead a mixture of natural ingredients. In no time, I tested the formula on my own hair and after several treatments, I was already seeing positive results; Hair loss was under control, hair was shining and lively just as I had hoped.

It is important that an alternative that only uses natural ingredients is available to those who understands that chemicals are harmful to their hair. It is my hope that through the founding of NCS Hair in 2010, the recipe can be introduced to more people to help them reach the same results.


Mendeys Yim, Founder

Helping People To Look Great Since 2010

Since NCS Hair opened our doors in 2010, we are extremely pleased to see that our recipe has been introduced into the lives of numerous clients who happily regained healthy hair color and growth.

Our clients range from school youth looking to relieve hair issue to due studying pressure to elderly looking to regain their youthfulness. Depending on the severity of their hair condition, most clients are able to ripe the benefits of our natural products even while continuing to use other hair care products on the market.

More clients were able to reach optimum hair condition in as little as 4-5 visits. Because we also provide diet and living guidelines, they are able to prolong the results and maintain the hair condition even beyond our treatment sessions. If you are experiencing gray hair or hair loss issues, call us or write to us by clicking here, we will happily arrange a free consultation appointment to establish the severity of your hair condition and the right course of action to get your hair back to its optimum state.

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Lilac Flowers
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Cortex Dictamni

ncs eclipta sm2 - Our Recipe

Eclipta Prostrata

ncs Polygonum - Our Recipe

Fallopia Multiflora

Product Safety Assurance

To ensure our products is healthy and effective, our recipe has been tested and certified to be safe and of quality by a number of testing standards.

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Lab Test Report 3 - Our Recipe
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